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The goal of summer foundation is glowing, bouncy and hydrated skin, without shine or creases. Wearing makeup in summer can sometimes seem risky, especially on hot and sunny days. When applied incorrectly, summer weather can encourage foundation, lip makeup and eye makeup to transfer, smudge or fade, leaving stressed skin exposed and uneven.

To avoid this and attain radiant skin throughout the day, use summer friendly, long wear foundation and makeup. By adjusting your makeup routine to suit each season, your finishing look will not only stay on longer, but look brighter and healthier too. When warmer weather appears, implement a makeup primer and setting makeup to extend and enhance your makeup application.

Find out how to make your makeup last all day for flawless, smudge-proof skin. This guide details how to set makeup and how to choose long lasting makeup for summer.

Why your makeup transfers during summer?

Warmer weather poses a range of risks to makeup wear. An increase in oil flow and sweat as well as donning sunglasses, facemasks and hats can complicate precise application and makeup longevity. With summer comes more time spent outdoors – this rise in exertion leads our body to heat up, and in turn sweat more to cool down. Also at risk of occurring because of this are clogged pores, breakouts and blemishes. If you’ve ever wondered ‘how long does makeup last?’, the answer depends on the products you choose and how well you prep skin beforehand. As temperatures rise there’s no need to sacrifice makeup looks or clear complexions. Read on for our comprehensive tips for long lasting makeup.

How to choose long-lasting, summer friendly makeup?

Summer months speak to golden hues and brightness in skin. This light-reflective season enhances healthy glowing skin, and the right makeup can achieve dewiness all day and night. In winter, hydration and support against extreme cold and flakiness is key. In the hotter part of the year, your makeup product’s formulas and textures determine the vitality and appearance of skin.

Look for weightless textures:

Whether you prefer to build your makeup or achieve a natural look, using products with light or weightless textures in summer will help your skin to breath and keep pores unblocked. Liquid foundations like Touche Éclat Le Teint Liquid Foundation provide breathable coverage throughout the day for luminous skin. For lips, opt for light textures with glossy finishes like Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick .

Use long wear foundation with hydrating ingredients:

As we do more in summer, applying long lasting makeup is vital to ensure application stays in place. Here formula is key, as smudge-proof pigmentation should be paired with hydrating skincare ingredients. Our 24-hour long wear Touche Èclat Le Teint Crème foundation is non-comedogenic and enriched with macadamia oil, marigold bloom and mallow flower for intense hydration and protection. When applying foundation in summer, buff the product into skin to encourage absorption and avoid creasing.

Choose light-reflecting products:

Take advantage of increased sun in summer by applying products that conceal imperfections and reflect light to enhance your features. Our iconic Touche Èclat High Cover Concealer Pen conceals dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles by brightening areas like dark under eyes. When touching up makeup during the day, opt for your concealer over foundation to keep skin light and fresh.

How to prep your skin for long lasting makeup?

Glowing skin owes its radiance to beautifying and strengthening skincare and makeup routine steps. The key to how to make your makeup last all day in summer is ensuring skin is properly purified prior to makeup application. Using a cleanser and moisturiser each day before your beauty regime will help your makeup last longer and improve the radiance and health of skin. For how to set makeup, see our perfecting steps below. 

1. Prime before application

If you haven’t implemented a makeup primer into your routine, you may not know the benefits and crucial difference this beauty hero can make. Our range of YSL primers refine your complexion and provides an ideal base for your foundation and concealer to sit on. Skin tone is evened and appears plumper, and makeup can hold on without fading. Touche Èclat Blur Primer Gold is enriched with hydrating apricot kernel oil, leaving a slight luminous golden shimmer. For those with cool skin undertones, Touche Èclat Blue Primer Silver instantly brightens and prepares skin with a gel texture that provides a subtle silver shimmer. For those seeking to address blemishes or enlarged pores, All Hours Primer minimises pore size for a controlled and beautiful complexion.

2. Finish with a setting spray

On particularly hot days or when attending a day-long event, setting makeup ensures that your products stay in place throughout. A setting spray works by applying an invisible and protective film on top of makeup products, which acts as a veil to set looks and prevent transfer and fading. During summer, use a setting spray with a lightweight texture to ensure skin can breathe comfortably. Top Secrets Setting Spray is a 2-in-1 hydrating and setting mist, making it perfect for hotter months. The inclusion of skincare ingredients hyaluronic acid and glycerin leaves skin hydrated and glowing.

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