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Multi-step makeup routines can sometimes cause confusion. Each step works to illuminate skin and enhance features, whilst reducing blemishes and uneven complexions. For beautiful skin, your base application should be applied in the correct order.

Concealer and foundation achieve glowing skin by creating a luminous base for following products to be applied onto. To make the most of your luxurious products, know how to apply concealer so that it blends into skin for a seamless skin tone.

We detail the different forms of concealer and how to choose concealer shades so that you can achieve a perfect match. For these tips and whether to use concealer or foundation first, read on.

Concealer and foundation – which one goes first?

Though applications of style do vary, there are many advantages to applying your concealer after foundation. As the name suggests, foundation is the base on which all other products build. Hydrating foundations like Touche Èclat Le Teint Liquid Foundation reduce discolouration and the appearance of blemishes, to provide an even tone for applying concealer on top of. Fuller coverage foundations like Le Cushion Encre De Peau Foundation also address excess redness in skin through buildable application. 

After your foundation base is blended into skin, you can identify where to apply concealer for furthered coverage, working with the complexion already achieved. Applying your products in this order also prevents your foundation from ‘shifting’ your concealer. 

Types of concealer

The result achieved by different concealer types is the same, but varying formulations help each skin type to achieve it. If you’re wondering ‘what is concealer used for?’, the answer is simple yet transformative. When used as under eye makeup, concealers erase imperfections like dark circles, bags and age spots. Over the rest of the face, this hero product removes redness, hyperpigmentation, blemishes and complexion concerns.

Concealer pen

High coverage and transportable, concealer pens completely address imperfections with very little product. Use this higher coverage concealer to target large amounts of discolouration on skin and specific blemishes. Our modern formulation Touche Èclat High Cover Concealer Pen includes antioxidant vitamin E and calendula flower extract to help protect skin against environmental damage and maintain hydration.

Cream concealer

Full coverage and with a creamy, luxurious texture, cream concealers conceal without drying. The gliding application makes concealing any part of the skin effortless. All Hours Concealer is ultra-pigmented and flexible, providing a blendable tone that works with your foundation. If unsure where to apply concealer, use a few dots of cream concealer on any part of the skin that has an uneven colour or texture, and buff in. 

Choosing a concealer shade

As important as knowing your foundation shade, the right tone of concealer will brighten and illuminate you whilst blending into your skin tone perfectly. When considering whether to apply concealer before or after foundation, it’s also important to note that concealer shades should be one shade lighter than your foundation, to increase brightness to discoloured or darker areas.

Determine your skin tone and undertone

·       Skin tone: Your skin tone sits somewhere between fair, light, medium and dark. To understand your ‘true shade’, look at your jawline in natural light. Our concealers come in a range of radiant tones, to compliment your skin perfectly.

·      Undertone: The lesser known hue, undertones don’t change after tanning and sit beneath your skin tone. To determine whether you have a cool, warm or neutral undertone, look to the colour of veins in your wrist. If they appear blue, you have a cooler tone and suit cooler-based shades. If they appear green, your undertone is warm – look for concealers with a golden hue. Neutral undertones will appear roughly the same as skin tones – simply look for your true colour.

How to prep your skin for best concealer results?

Knowing how to apply concealer correctly begins before the radiance-boosting formula blends into skin. To ensure your makeup products can elevate and improve your natural complexion, it’s important that you begin with a moisturised and primed base.

1.     Moisturise

Skin requires nourishment to maintain the health of the skin barrier and achieve healthy moisture levels for makeup to blend with. As a first step, always apply a deep moisturiser like hyaluronic acid-enriched Top Secrets Instant Moisture Glow Ultra Moisture.

2.     Prime

After hydrating skin, ensure your foundation and under eye makeup is applied to plump and refined skin. Primers elevate makeup by prepping skin with a hydrating texture that allows the products to hold on without drying or caking. Touche Èclat Blue Primer Gold maximises radiance with four nourishing oils, for a luminous base. 

How to apply concealer?

The best application for concealers is a targeted approach. Dab a few dots of the product onto any area you wish to improve, and blend in using light taps of your ring finger. Take care not to swipe the product, instead just dabbing so that it blends. For how to apply under eye concealer perfectly, dot the product along the under eye and at the corners, and buff in with fingers or a sponge. If you’re heading to a long event or transitioning from day to night, set your concealer and makeup look with the hydrating Top Secrets Setting Spray.

Now that you know how best to apply concealer, discover the right foundation for your skin type.


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