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L'Homme Eau de Toilette

L'Homme Eau de Toilette


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Discover L'Homme for Men by YSL Beauty

Uncover your new luxurious signature scent with the L'Homme men's cologne collection from YSL Beauty Australia. Designed for the modern man who exudes sheer masculinity, the L'Homme combines charisma and magnetism in a collection of rich and audacious woody perfumes in Eau de parfum, eau de toilette and men's deodorant for the ultimate scent immersion.

Discover Woody Perfume Notes in the L'Homme Men's Fragrance Collection

The depth of wooded notes in a perfume or cologne is unmatchable when on the hunt for a masculine fragrance. Allure the senses with L'Homme Eau De Parfums for a compelling, long-lasting and powerful scent.

The playful contrasts between citrus openings and wooded bases follow through to the Eau de toilettes in L'Homme EDT with tantalising ginger and crisp basil building intrigue to the heavier cedar notes, and Cologne Bleue Eau De Toilette for the aquatic, refreshing blend of citrus, spices and bracing ocean water.

Find the perfect YSL Beauty L'Homme fragrance scent for you or your loved ones with our Virtual Consultations.

How to Make Men's Fragrance Last Longer

According to experts, there are many ways to ensure your fragrance stays throughout the day.

The first tip is to understand your fragrance concentration as it influences how long the smell will last. Eau De Parfums generally contains more perfume compared to Eau De Toilettes and, therefore, can last longer.

The second tip is to apply perfume by spritzing it directly onto your skin, specifically in areas like above your ears, below your midriff, neck and wrists.

Lastly, use perfumes and colognes directly after the shower. The moisture on your skin will help seal the scent longer and avoid staining your jewellery or delicate clothing fabrics.

Experience YSL Beauty's complete range of men's perfumes and colognes.

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