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Best Foundation for Oily, Dry & Combination Skin


Different foundations can achieve a range of finishes and coverage levels. No matter the desired effect, every foundation should give skin a flawless and glowing complexion that lasts. Your blush, bronzers and concealer also require the right base to sit on, so seamless pairing is vital to attaining long wearing and beautiful makeup.

To ensure your foundation fits, start by understanding your specific skin type. The best foundation for dry skin will differ to the right foundation for combination or oily skin, and the formulas required to support skin depends on your skin goals and concerns.

To understand which foundation suits your skin type, we shine light on the features of our different foundations and show how to apply them correctly for all-day radiant skin. Read on for the best foundation for combination, mature skin and more.

Types of foundation

Foundations can be mattified, dewy or tinted, and differ in texture as well as coverage. What makes a foundation great for acne-prone or sensitive skin is its ability to absorb into skin whilst supporting skin’s balance. Our range of perfecting foundations, like the iconic Touche Éclat collection, are specifically formulated to address the concerns of each skin type.

Outside of matching to your skin type, your complexion preferences also need to be considered. For those who prefer a natural complexion, a sheer formula like CC cream is developed to illuminate your tone without fully covering. Full-coverage foundation offers longwear pigmentation that forms a seamless complexion.

Below, we breakdown each foundation type and their main features.

Cushion foundation

The sleek designs of our compact foundations make them versatile and transportable. Designed with our couture signature style in mind, our cushion foundation’s portable and mirrored case holds liquid foundation in an absorbent sponge. Cushions tend to offer medium to full coverage with longwear ability. Application is achieved through a puff which is pressed into the sponge and then ‘stamped’ onto skin. The targeted application of cushions makes them an ideal foundation for combined skin.   

Liquid foundation

Quickly absorbent and easily applicable, liquid foundation can be worn by every skin type. Liquid foundations can range in coverage, from light to full. The finish of this type can also be customisable – depending on your preference, your liquid foundation can offer a mattified, dewy or tinted effect. Application of liquid foundation is achieved with a brush like the Foundation Brush No 1, sponge, or clean fingers.

How to choose foundation for your skin type?

Makeup looks radiant when foundation is used that supports the health of your skin type. An important step in making your foundation selection is to understand if your skin is dry, combination, or errs on the oily side. Read our helpful guide What Is My Skin Type to understand the features of yours.

To simplify your foundation search, we’ve laid out the best foundations for each skin type. Your foundation should work with your skincare to achieve your skin goals and address any concerns you have, including facial redness, dryness or blemishes. Read on for the best foundation for combination skin and more.

Best foundation for dry skin

Without proper moisturisation, dry skin will struggle to blend with foundation. To avoid cakey foundation or foundation cracks, those with dry skin should opt for foundation with a hydrating formula. Liquid foundations are a great option for dry skin types, as they can further boost moisture levels! To stop flakiness, tightness and build ups of dead skin cells on the surface layers of skin, use a moisture-infused foundation like the Touche Éclat Le Teint Liquid Foundation. Included in this hydrating formulas are skincare ingredients like Vitamin E and marigold bloom extract. Boost dewiness and plumpness in skin by applying our hyaluronic acid-infused Top Secrets Setting Spray as the last step.  

Best foundation for oily & acne-prone skin

Shininess and oil flow can be commonly experienced by those with oily and acne-prone skin. This results from an excess of oil production in skin, which may lead to frustrating blemishes and breakouts. The best makeup for oily skin are products that reduce the production of sebum and encourage healthy oil levels. Opt for mattified foundation like the All Hours Liquid Foundation to prevent shininess. Our modern formula is oil-free and reduces pore size to give a flawless finish.

Best foundation for sensitive skin

Sensitivity in skin weakens moisture levels and skin strength. What results can be frustrating and uncomfortable, including facial redness and tightness. To illuminate and achieve radiance, the right foundation for sensitive, dry skin protects surface layers from skin-stress. Our Touche Éclat Le Teint Crème empowers skin with hydration and strengthens against pollution and dryness. If discolouration in skin occurs for you, start with a colour-correcting and tone-perfecting SPF base like the Top Secrets CC Crème.

Best foundation for combination skin

Dry in some areas and shiny in others, those with combination skin types are tasked with finding an all-encompassing base. Cushion foundations are a great option for fluctuating moisture levels, because their ‘stamping’ pad allows controlled application. For glow-giving foundation for combined skin, the All Hours Cushion Foundation both mattifies and nourishes for a natural, medium coverage.

Best foundation for mature skin

The best foundation for older skin plumps the surface layers without sinking into fine lines. Mature skin can often experience dryness too, so it’s important to use a hydrating formula. Our luxurious Le Cushion Encre De Peau Foundation is formulated with a gel-like texture that evens skin tone for a fresh and youthful glow.

Now you know how to find your ideal foundation, perfect your makeup routine with our guide to applying concealer correctly.


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