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Our skin should be celebrated as we grow older. To protect your skin and maintain radiance through each phase, begin implementing nourishing and proactive formulas to your skincare routine. Forehead lines, frown lines and wrinkles under eyelids all appear naturally, but they can be heightened by certain stressors.

To reduce the appearance and formation of these signs, our powerful anti-wrinkle range reinstates firmness, elasticity and plumpness to skin. To target fine lines under eyes and more, it helps to understand the contributing factors to premature ageing and changes to skin.

If your skincare goals are focused on addressing and reducing wrinkles and fine lines, we detail how and when you should use anti-ageing creams and serums. To see when you should begin using anti-ageing skincare, read on.

Why do we develop wrinkles?

·       Natural process: Our facial skin is supported by the natural production of collagen, lipids (fats) and sebum. These combine to keep skin hydrated and firmed. As we age, our production of collagen decreases. Without natural firming agents, skin becomes prone to dryness, thinness and sagginess. Over time, our use of facial muscles lead to the development of fine lines, forehead lines and frown lines, and as skin loses elasticity it’s unable to maintain the same texture in skin. 

·       External factors: A number of environmental stressors – like pollution and smoking – contribute to the development and acceleration of fine lines. One of the largest risks to skin vitality is UV exposure. When making contact with skin, the sun’s harmful rays break down collagen and elastin fibres and weaken the skin barrier.  

How to address and reduce lines on face?

If forehead wrinkles and fine lines under eyes are concerning you, there are empowering steps you can implement to improve the look and feel of skin. The answer for how to get rid of lines on face is in knowing how to pair potent ingredients together to create a radiance-boosting routine for reactivate skin renewal. For the best anti-wrinkle skincare steps, see our beautiful and effective routine below.

1. Apply a hydrating essence

Dryness in skin is a feature of ageing and a key contributor to fine lines and wrinkles. Your beautifying routine should begin by replenishing lost moisture and nourishing the skin barrier with deep hydration. To do this, apply an anti-ageing facial essence like Pure Shots Hydra Bounce Essence-In-Lotion to a freshly cleansed face. Containing vitamins E & B3 as well as orange blossom, skin is replenished and prepped, and feels supple and bouncy. 

2. Introduce an anti-ageing serum

Serums are a major step in an anti-ageing routine, because of their potency and structure. The tiny molecular structure of a serum helps it to permeate the deep surface layers of skin, allowing the firming and brightness-boosting ingredients to fully absorb. You can introduce an anti-ageing serum into your morning and evening routine, as soon as you notice dullness in skin. Pure Shots Lines Away Serum instantly improves skin’s texture and reduces the appearance of wrinkles like frown lines over time. Infused with hyaluronic acid and anti-wrinkle Iris from Morocco, elasticity is reinstated and increased. In the evening, Pure Shots Night Reboot Resurfacing Serum provides the optimal daily dose of glycolic acid, 3.4%, which removes dead cells at the superficial layer of skin while Moonlight Cactus protects new skin cells. By the first morning,skin looks less tired and softer to the touch.

3. Use an anti-ageing eye serum and nourishing cream

Moisturisers are hero products in anti-ageing – their hydrating formulas help to replenish firmness in skin and replump the skin barrier. An anti-ageing cream also acts as the sealant for your firming skincare routine, holding the ingredients from your products into skin. As a final step, massage an anti-wrinkle cream like Pure Shots Perfect Plumper Nutri-Cream into face and neck, starting from the centre and moving outwards. The skin around the eyes is especially thin, so target that area with an eye serum.

Proactive habits to reduce the appearance of wrinkles

You can begin using anti-ageing skincare products in your 30s, when skin’s collagen production slows down. Alongside your anti-wrinkle skincare routine, the appearance and feel of skin can be protected and improved with slight shifts to your daily habits. Knowing how to get rid of wrinkles comes down to a holistic approach that incorporates luxury skincare with an optimised lifestyle.

Drink water:

Hydration is key to beautiful skin, and our intake also includes how much water we consume. Around 2 litres per day is optimal for healthy hydration levels and helps maintain suppleness and bounce in skin. Invest in a 2 litres water bottle and make your way through it throughout the day.

Wear SPF:

SPF is crucial to youthful, radiant skin in Australia. As the final step in any anti-wrinkle routine, making sure to apply SPF on exposed areas of the body will reduce UV damage and prevent future signs of ageing. You can apply SPF-infused anti-ageing creams like Forever Youth Liberator SPF 15 Crème, to be used alongside your general sunscreen.

Be gentle when removing makeup:

Caring for skin is an overall effort, and treating skin delicately goes a long way in maintaining skin’s glow. Always make sure to remove makeup at the end of each day to avoid causing stress to skin, and when doing so use a gentle cleanser. To revitalise skin, apply a purifying cleanser like Top Secrets Foaming Cleanser in gentle, circular motions. Dry with a clean towel.

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