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Night Time Skincare Routine

Did you know that your skin has different needs in the morning compared to the night time?

In the mornings, your skin needs protection from the sun and outside pollution. At night, it’s all about nourishing and hydrating your skin after your day. This means you can’t apply the exact same products as you do in the AM compared to the PM. Instead, you’ll need to put together a night time skincare routine that targets your areas of concern and pampers your skin overnight. While this might sound confusing, it’s well worth doing your research and devising a routine that does good for your skin while you sleep.

Devising the right night time skincare routine can be an overwhelming process. From serums to masks, we run you through creating the ideal night time skincare routine for your needs. 

The importance of a night face routine

To see visible results from all the gorgeous skincare products you’ve invested in, it’s essential to make them part of a regular routine. Adhering to separate morning and night skin routines keeps your skin healthier in the long run, prevents skin troubles later on, and helps you age more beautifully.

In addition to being an important self-care ritual, creating a night skin routine also yields better results. Your skin actually absorbs products better during the night time as opposed to the daytime because there’s no environmental stressors at play and you’re also not wearing any makeup.

To get the most out of your night time facial routine, it’s all about using the right ingredients and the right products, in the right order.


Skincare ingredients & products that work best at night

There are some skincare ingredients that should only be used at night. These include:

●     Vitamin A products like retinol and retinal, as well as some retinoids like tretinoin. These ingredients break down in UV light, which means they won’t be effective if applied in the daytime.


●     AHAs like glycolic acid, which can increase your chances of getting sunburnt.


Some skincare products work more effectively at night time, such as rich serums, moisturisers and face oils. This is because your skin’s sebum production naturally slows down at night time. Hence, your skin will benefit most from ultra-hydrating products when it’s at its driest at night.

The night skincare routine steps to follow

To cut through any confusion and understand the optimal skincare order at night, see our effective routine below. 

1)   Cleanse

Cleansing your skin clears out your pores, ensuring your skin doesn’t break out overnight due to a build up of makeup, sunscreen or grime. Thorough cleansing also allows other products in your skincare routine to work effectively.

●     Remove your makeup with a gentle makeup remover

●     Cleanse your skin, opting for our Top Secrets Foaming Cleanser if you have oily skin or our OR Rouge Cleansing Cream if your skin is drier.

2)   Toner or Essence

Popularised in East Asia, toners and essences help to prime your skin to absorb other active ingredients.

●     Opt for a toner if your skin is oily and you’d like some gentle exfoliation and resurfacing at the same time.

●     Use an essence instead if you’re in need of more hydration. The Pure Shots Hydra Bounce Essence-in-Lotion is an excellent choice, helping your skin retain more moisture in the long run. For an exfoliating alternative, the Pure Shots Soft Polish Double Essence also works to provide hydration and refine the skin.

3)   Serum

Serums are essential when it comes to night time skincare routines. Allowing you to treat specific concerns, serums penetrate deeper into the skin thanks to their smaller molecular-weight active.

For the best night serum, choose our Pure Shots Night Boost Serum. Removing dead skin cells and promoting skin renewal, our Night Boost Serum helps to create a refreshed and revitalised appearance overnight. Make sure to never run out with the Pure Shots Night Boost Serum Refill, which also happens to be the ideal size for travel.

4)   Eye Cream

Don’t sleep on eye cream - it’s an anti-ageing powerhouse. Night time is the perfect time to apply eye cream, as it will have time to penetrate deeply into the skin. Use your ring finger to apply the Eye Reboot Serum to your delicate undereye area as well as across your brow bone.

5)   Moisturiser

Night time is the perfect opportunity to apply a thick, nourishing moisturiser.

Infused with energising ribose and hydrating orange blossom, our Pure Shots Perfect Plumper Cream is one of the best night creams for anti-ageing. By filling in lines and wrinkles, this rich moisturiser promotes a visibly youthful look.

6)   Face Mask

Applying a face mask a few nights a week is a great way to unwind and further nourish your skin. There are even specially-formulated sleep masks that you don’t have to wash off - simply let them absorb into your skin overnight and wake up to renewed skin. Our Or Rouge Rejuvenating Sheet Mask works to rejuvenate the skin overnight, with a formula consisting of saffron super sugars for plumper-looking skin.



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