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For many, choosing perfume is an exciting and a deeply personal process. Thanks to the new YSL Y fragrance collection, modern men from all walks of life can take risks and break the boundaries of masculinity. From the vibrant aroma of calming lavender to sensual woods, true gentlemen will feel their most daring selves while wearing YSL Y for men.

In this guide, we will introduce three popular scents in the Y YSL men’s fragrance collection and match them to the perfect occasion, so you can go forth with confidence. Because no matter your scent of choice, there is no limit to what a signature scent should feel like.

What does YSL Y smell like?

Searching for the best YSL Y fragrance? Welcome to the scent jungle. Clean, crisp and sophisticated, the Y fragrance collection epitomises what it means to feel bold and seductive. Like its wearers, each fragrance dares to be different. From woody scents to fruity apple top notes, there is a YSL Y fragrance for every man. Reinvent what it means to be masculine in this dynamic world - where fashion and attitudes are ever-changing. The captivating Y collection is here to turn heads and linger on the minds of those around you.

Eau de parfum and eau de Toilette – what’s the difference?

When selecting the perfect fragrance, the first step is to ascertain your preference for either eau de toilette (EDT) or eau de parfum (EDP). The key differences here lie in the level of intensity, the price, and the longevity of the perfume or cologne. Ultimately, it depends on your lifestyle and personal preferences. See below for a comparison:

Eau de toilette typically contains around 8-15% fragrance oil and is preferred by those seeking a more subtle, ephemeral scent. If you’re asking how long does YSL Y EDT last?, you can expect the fragrance to linger for approximately 4-6 hours.

Eau de parfum usually contains about 15-30% fragrance oil and is typically comprised of deeper perfume notes, which are stronger in scent. YSL Y EDP lasts for approximately 8-10 hours.

How to make YSL Y fragrance last longer

There are plenty of tricks you can roll out to make your YSL Y for men fragrance last the distance. From utilising your pressure points to layering your fragrance, here are some tips worth trying:

1.     Spritz the fragrance on select pressure points: Pulse points like the wrists or behind the ears will help your perfume or cologne of choice reach its desired aromatic impact.

2.     Spray on clothing or hair: A spritz or two on one item of clothing will ensure that your signature scent lasts longer. However, if you would rather not apply your YSL Y fragrance to your hair or clothes, you can spritz once or twice across your shoulders and chest for a similar effect.

3.     Layer your scent: Just as one would layer winter wardrobe staples, you can layer your scent of choice. Begin by lathering on a matching or complementary-scent shower gel in the shower or bath. Fragrances last longer on hydrated skin, so follow this with a lotion, before a spritz or two of your Y fragrance of choice.

The best fragrance for every day

Whether you’re attending a winery wedding, taking part in a work presentation or even bracing for a first date, there’s always an occasion to reach for the best YSL Y fragrances for daily use.

For everyday wear, choose Y Eau de Toilette. With 12 hours of intensity in just one spray, this scent is embodied by Y’s iconic ambassador Lenny Kravitz, who lives to his own beat. Contrasting fresh lavender and aromatic clary sage from Provence France with Madagascan geranium bourbon heart, this is a clean and sultry scent that’s easy to wear and even easier to fall in love with.

The classiest fragrance for a night out

For a night out on the town, choose a daring scent profile that will boost your confidence, like Y Eau de Parfum. This rendition of the Y fragrance tells the story of a man who dares to dream big. Created by perfumer Dominique Ropion, the fragrance embodies intense white and dark fougère. With top notes of white accord, geranium absolute and sage and base notes of dark accord, sensual woods and tonka bean – this is for the man who refuses to play it safe.

The sexiest fragrance for a date night

For a casual first date or date night with a long-term partner, select a scent to impress with Y Le Parfum – a fresh yet woody fragrance for the free-spirited man. This is a new interpretation on the iconic signature of the Y fragrance franchise, and a captivating take on the YSL white t-shirt and black jacket look. With notes of apple, sage and vetiver, as well as deep black cedar to bring out the more sensorial character of the wood – this is an addictive scent that redefines masculinity … and may even break some hearts along the way. One spray epitomises what it means to be a Y man.

Final tips to make a lasting impression

Remember that you don’t need to drown your skin in fragrance – one or two sprays will almost always do the trick. Lastly, to make your mark when you enter any room, take note of these tips:

1.     To maintain the life of your YSL Y fragrance, store it in a cool room away from windows and out of bathrooms prone to humidity.

2.     Eau de parfum will last longer than eau de toilette, so if you’re after a more subtle scent, opt for the latter.

3.     To prevent stains or damage to your clothes, do not spray your fragrance too close to the material.

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