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The Libre perfume line is for the creative at heart. Designed to highlight the ever-evolving nature of femininity, the YSL Libre perfume collection balances complexity with ease. This collection speaks to daring adventures, graceful elegance, and a free spirit. With four defined perfumes, each delicately formulated to tell a unique story, there’s something for everyone in the Libre perfume line. Each Libre perfume has a throughline of fragrance notes that give them their shared identity – a top note of mandarin, a floral heart of French lavender, and rich vanilla base. Bright, iconic, or bold, we’ll help you find your perfect YSL Libre perfume match and give you our tips for long lasting wear.

The trick to long lasting Libre Perfume

No matter the Libre perfume you wear, a lasting aroma can be accomplished with the right application and care tips. Well crafted perfumes will last all day with strategic application, even in small doses. We’ve collated our favourite perfume tips to encourage your Libre perfume to linger on your skin for hours after application.

  • Apply your YSL Libre perfume to pulse points such as the wrists or behind the ears to help it reach its full aromatic potential.
  • Heat and moisture can help the fragrance to diffuse across your whole body, so spritz your perfume on damp skin after showering and moisturising. The Libre Eau De Parfum & Body Lotion Gift Set is perfect for enveloping your whole body in the iconic Libre scent.
  • The humidity of bathrooms can break down your fragrances quickly, so maintain the life of your Libre perfumes by storing them in a cool room, away from windows.

Read on for our guide to the YSL Libre perfume collection.

Our guide to the YSL Libre collection

The YSL Libre collection includes four interpretations of our signature balanced, floral fragrance. So, if you’re looking for a botanic addition to your perfume wardrobe or searching for a new personal scent as the seasons change, the Libre perfume line will have something for you. When choosing perfumes, consider if you prefer a subtle or intense fragrance style - selecting scents that suit your style is made easier when you know the difference between EDT and EDP.

It's also important to understand the fragrance notes you love when you are picking out a new scent. While each of the YSL Libre perfumes share some common elements, each iteration has a distinct story. So, let’s unpack the differences between each Libre perfume and discover which one is best for you.

A gentle touch

If you prefer a subtle scent, choose a perfume with a lower fragrance oil concentration, like an EDT. The Libre Eau De Toilette provides a delicate aroma that still lingers on your skin for hours - it’s a clean and refined fragrance with a gentle balance of fresh fruit notes and florals. Apple and pear accord reveal themselves as companion top notes alongside signature YSL perfume Libre mandarin. Heart notes of white tea and lily of the valley add freshness to the lavender that identifies this Libre perfume.

A timeless classic

The Libre Eau De Parfum is the classic fragrance from the Libre YSL perfume collection. Its formulation highlights the core fragrance notes of the Libre perfume line. Mandarin and blackcurrant give a sweet first impression before leading into a sparkling core of lavender, jasmine and orange flower. The bright nature of this Libre perfume is balanced with a sweet and woody base of vanilla extract and cedarwood. Libre Eau de Parfum is also available in a 10mL travel spray for easy touch-ups on long days or vacations.

A bold statement

If you’re drawn to the floral elements of the Libre perfume collection, Libre Eau De Parfum Intense might be the perfume for you. This fragrance was created to magnify the botanic notes of its original interpretation for a bold and daring scent, with top notes of mandarin, bergamot essence and French lavender. The lavender essence of Libre is combined with jasmine sambac, orchid and orange blossom to form the heart of this perfume. Ambergris and Venezuelan tonka bean add a slightly smoky facet to the rich vanilla at the base of the YSL Libre intense Eau De Parfum.

A spicy edge

Our most recent addition to the YSL Libre collection is the warm and spicy Libre Le Parfum. Bergamot and saffron join mandarin to build a charismatic first impression. The middle notes of this perfume remain true to the blossoming heart of the Libre perfume line, combining two varieties of lavender with notes of orange flower. The aroma finally settles into base notes of tonka bean, honey, and warming vanilla bourbon that provide true depth to this Libre perfume.

Now you know how to choose and style your Libre perfume, discover which Black Opium fragrance is right for you next.


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