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For holiday 2023, we enable you to break the ice and celebrate in gold with YSL Beauty in a more sustainable way.

In order to reduce our environmental footprint, we have been developing our products in a way that limits their impact on the environment without sacrificing our quality standards. We source increasingly more raw materials in a sustainable way that respects biodiversity. With our eco-design principles we optimize our packaging and commit to zero deforestation.


At YSL beauty, we strive to offer a sustainable consumer journey. For this Holiday season, sustainability was at the heart of our developments, while meeting performance and quality requirements.


We commit to reducing our carbon footprint by developing reusable or recyclable packaging, and by suppressing or replacing virgin plastic materials with more sustainable alternatives.

The Ice Fantasy Holiday Collection is a 100% plastic-free campaign featuring reduced-sized boxes. Made from 100% cardboard sourced from sustainably managed forests, the boxes feature a removable vacuum form that allows them to be reused.

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