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FROM THE Ourika Community Gardens

It started in the untouched landscape of the Moroccan Atlas Mountains, known for its extreme conditions. There, YSL Beauty created the exceptional Ourika Gardens. In a collaboration between dry landscape designers and a cooperative of 32 local women, botanicals have been grown there since 2013, and their potent efficiency infused into YSL Beauty products.


For the landscape designers Eric Ossart and Arnaud Maurières: “it is a resolutely contemporary interpretation of the ancient Garden of Eden, which seeks to portray Yves Saint Laurent’s affection for the Mediterranean culture.”

The Gardens

The gardens are divided into three distinct areas. The first is composed of 64 square plots for growing plants that will be incorporated into YSL Beauty products. In addition to the famous saffron pistils used in the Or Rouge skincare range, walnut leaf is used in Top Secrets skincare, pomegranate in Rouge Volupté Shine, and marigold in Touche Éclat. A second space – called the “botanical area”  – is an experimental area for testing new ingredients. Finally, a “legacy” space pays tribute to Yves Saint Laurent and his passion for flowers. It includes a dozen plants and flowers such as wheat, hibiscus, and lilies.


THROUGH ourika community gardens


a vibrant heritage

In Morocco, the country where Mr Saint Laurent rediscovers his creativity, YSL Beauté invites you to discover the ourika community gardens.

Growing today for a better tomorrow

Innovative and sustainable approach for the future of YSL Beauté

Impacts on local communities

Supporting women's autonomy, as we promote their unique skills and financial independence through their local ancestral know-how.


Inside our products

Ensuring your safety as our absolute priority.

Environmental engagements

Reducing our environmental footprint day by day.

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