Floral Scents


Universally loved perfume and fragrance scents.

Embody a new signature floral scent with YSL Beauty's rose, jasmine and gardenia perfume infusions for a fragrance that empowers quintessential femininity.

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Libre Eau De Parfum Libre Eau De Parfum
Floral Lavender – Orange Blossom – Mandarin


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Libre Eau De Parfum Intense Libre Eau De Parfum Intense
Floral Lavender – Orange Blossom – Tonka Bean


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Libre Eau de Toilette Libre Eau de Toilette
Lavender - White Tea - Tonka Bean


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Libre EDP Travel Size Spray Libre EDP Travel Size Spray
Floral Lavender - Orange Blossom - Lavender


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Parisienne Eau De Parfum Parisienne Eau De Parfum
PARISIENNE, the fragrance of ultra femininity, ultra sensuality. A grand floral with a woody structure, luminous even in its mystery.


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Paris Eau De Toilette Paris Eau De Toilette
Eau De Toilette - Floral Rose - Sandalwood & Vanilla Notes


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Paris Eau De Parfum Paris Eau De Parfum
Eau De Parfum - Floral Rose - Sandalwood & Vanilla Notes


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Cinema Eau De Parfum Cinema Eau De Parfum
Cinéma is a fragrance of seduction for a woman who is elegant and sure of herself. A fresh floral harmony with notes of almond blossom, amaryllis and amber.


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Floral Scents

Encapsulate the true essence of powerful elegance with a fresh, sweet perfume of the YSL Beauty collection of floral scents. Introduce a new signature aroma with floral notes of rose, jasmine, gardenia or lavender for an irresistible trail of allurement.


Rose Perfumes

Introduce a romantic gesture to your daily scent through joyful hints of rose. The aroma of a rose in full bloom emphasises the contemporary chic of a Parisian love story and can be found at the heart of YSL Beauty Mon Paris, Paris and Parisienne fragrance collections.


Jasmine Perfumes

Jasmine provides an opulent, rich bouquet with a hint of added freshness reminiscent of fruit, adding a sophisticated element to any signature fragrance. YSL Beauty’s Cinema collection uses an infusion of sambac jasmine, almond and clementine to tease the way to depth and mystery, whereby the Manifesto collection punctuates jasmine with wood and vanilla for a warmer, creamier finish. 


Gardenia Perfumes

Smooth, citrus-like and radiant, gardenia infused fragrances add fresh floral notes of cool complexity for the powerful and refined woman. The YSL Beauty Black Opium collection blends gardenia with rich coffee, exotic dragon fruit, and creamy vanilla notes for a fragrance range that empowers femininity with a bold and encompassing scent. 


Lavender Perfumes

Embody a tenacious blend of lavender accompanied with orange blossom in the YSL Beauty Libre fragrance collection. Hints of floral lavender perfume underpin the sheer tranquillity of this signature scent, radiating audacious luxury for the confident, passionate woman.