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Dark Under Eye Circles: Causes & Prevention Tips

Some skin concerns are experienced universally, regardless of skin type or climate. Dark under eye circles are one of the most common signs of skin distress – and to add to the problem, they are also famously reoccurring. Whether you have oily, acne-prone, sensitive or dry skin, under eye circles can often feel impossible to stay on top of.

Without having a single cause to address, knowing how to get rid of bags under eyes can be tricky. Fortunately, discovering why you’re waking up with under eye circles is the hardest part. Once you know the cause, caring for this sensitive skin area is simple.

Improving the look and feel of this skin concern results in brighter, more youthful and fuller-looking skin, so it’s worth the effort. For what causes dark circles under eyes and the best skincare for dark circles, read on. With the correct use of nourishing moisturisers and eye care alongside healthy lifestyle habits, radiant skin can be yours.

What are dark under eye circles?

Before addressing how to remove dark circles under eyes, it’s worth noting that there are different forms of under eye circles, each with their own triggers. One separate condition that can occur alongside dark under eyes is puffiness – a sign of fluid retention around the under-eye area. For how to reduce puffy eyes, hold a cold compress to your eye area. This will usually help to eliminate puffiness.  

Dark under eye circles appear as two types. Blue dark circles are bluish or purple toned, and can occur alongside puffy eyes and the fluid that causes them. If your dark circles are brown-toned, they relate more to sun exposure – and are called brown dark circles or pigmented type IV.

All eye-related skin concerns, like wrinkles and fine lines, are due in part to the thin state of the skin. Our eye-area is 40% thinner than the skin around the rest of the face. The sensitivity that comes from its thin structure makes signs of stress much more visible than elsewhere.

What causes dark circles under eyes?

The most commonly known cause for under eye circles is tiredness. Interrupted sleep can lead even those with the healthiest skin to wake up with dark circles. This is because blood vessels around the eyes dilate as a result of a lack of sleep, which causes darkness on the skin above. If you don’t think sleep is the issue, see other triggers and the best methods for how to get rid of dark circles ahead.

1. Ageing

As we grow older, the level of collagen and elastin in skin decreases naturally. Since the area of skin around the eyes is already thin, this loss of volume can have quite visible consequences. As skin continues to thin, the capillary beds underneath the eye area become more visible, causing skin to darken. To protect your skin against signs of getting older, incorporate efficacious anti-ageing skincare into your routine. Our luxurious plumping cream Pure Shots Perfect Plumer Cream promotes radiant skin, reducing signs of ageing over time.

2. Dehydration

Hydration is key to beautiful skin – and moisturisers help to address an array of skin concerns, including dark under eye circles. When skin doesn’t contain enough water a loss of volume and increase in sallowness occurs. Aside from hydrating moisturisers, healthy water consumption can support skin’s bounce. Drinks like alcohol and coffee exacerbate loss of moisture, so try to match your water intake by making sure not to overconsume unhealthy beverages.

3. Eye strain

For most of us, the pressure on our eyes begins when we wake and continues on until we sleep. Screen time accounts for a huge part of eye strain, as we spend both our working hours and personal time connected to devices. What causes dark circles under eyes here is an enlargement of the blood vessels around the eye-area. As screen-time isn’t an avoidable trigger, ensuring proper rest and taking conscious breaks when possible will help to lighten the visibility of blood vessels.

4. Skin sensitivity

Alongside ageing, there are other triggers which arise from natural predispositions. Skin sensitivity, including contact dermatitis, seasonal allergies and vitamin deficiencies can all lead the eye-area to darken. To address this, get to know your skin’s specific needs (a dermatologist can help with this). Sensitivity makes skin especially reactive, so your skincare formulas need to be supportive. To remove dark circles under eyes with sensitive skin, serums like Pure Shots Light Up Serum are tested on all skin types, including sensitive. This serum provides a daily dose of vitamin Cg and Marshmallow from Morocco to protect against external irritants, for an illuminated and even skin tone. Follow with a sensitive under eye cream for dark circles like the cream-to-serum Pure Shots Eye Reboot Serum for plumped skin.

How to get rid of bags under eyes?

Once the causing factor behind under eye circles is determined, you can implement a personalised lifestyle and skin routine. Proper sleep, resting the eye area and maintaining hydration will go a long way in brightening and firming this fragile area of skin. To help achieve and maintain glowing skin, use a targeted morning and evening eye care alongside your cleansing and hydrating steps. For the day, Forever Youth Liberator Eye Zone Serum reduces puffiness and helps to illuminate skin. To help prevent the appearance of fatigue after sleep, Pure Shots Night Reboot Serum gently refines, moisturises and exfoliates while your rest.  

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