Discover YSL's unique skincare expertise and how we are reinventing the way we research and develop effective botanical skincare solutions for modern life.


The strength of YSL Beauty Skincare is the marriage between science and botanicals - and our mission to reduce our environmental footprint without compromising on product efficacy and safety. Our Committee of Skincare Experts are dedicated to this fusion of science and botanicals. Their research focuses on the impacts of modern lifestyles on our skin. The Committee has uncovered new learnings and discovered that just like the body and the mind, our skin can get overworked. More specifically, two of its major constitutive elements can be disrupted by the effect of an irregular sleep schedule, pollution and UV. The skincare solutions that stem from the team's research and development include the innovative Pure Shots skincare range. The committee is made up of Caroline Negre, Scientific Director; Dominique Fagot, Phytoactives Biologist; Frederic Flament, Skin Expert; Nathalie Deshaves, Skin Expert; Thierry Michaud, Dermatologist; Tom Pecheux, Global Beauty Director and Makeup Artist; and Peter H.Seeberger, Extraction Methods Consultant.



International Scientific Director and Spokesperson for Yves Saint Laurent Beauté, International Scientific Director and Spokesperson for Yves Saint Laurent Beauty, Caroline is an expert in cosmetology, biology & botanicals with a Master’s Degree in Biotechnology Engineering. Caroline has worked in the beauty sector for over a decade, holding technical positions involving the formulation and development of skincare. As an international skincare expert, Caroline has helped develop a vast range of skincare formulas, from dermatological products to luxury skincare. During the last 4 years, Caroline created and managed a scientific advisory board to analyse the effects of urban lifestyles on skin aging. The result of their work led to creation of Pure Shots.



Dr Dominique Fagot has unveiled the powerful synergy between Nature & Science. After 100 in-vitro tests of ingredient combinations, he selected the perfect duos to target specific skin concern.

“We rely on the synergy between active ingredients and skin essential elements for the most effective results.”


The strength of the Ourika Gardens is its geographical position in the untouched landscape of the Moroccan Atlas Mountains, known for its extreme conditions. The pure botanicals that grow there have potent efficacy and are infused into YSL Beauty products. The gardens are home to the famous saffron pistils used in the Or Rouge skincare range, the walnut leaf used in Top Secrets skincare, the pomegranate infused into Rouge Volupté Shine, and the marigold harnessed in Touche Éclat.


To flourish in such an intense environment, the Ourika Gardens botanicals develop powerful molecules protecting and promoting the flowers’ growth. When applied to skin, they can in turn bring it these potent properties.


YSL Beauty Ourika Gardens are pesticide-free. Moreover, the botanicals' active molecules are captured through some of the most advanced, precise and green extraction processes in order to keep their purity intact.



The skin needs essential elements to maintain optimal health: Vitamins (C, E and B), Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid and ATP (energy of the cells, boosted by ribose). When facing a hectic, intense or urban lifestyle, the concentration of these essential elements in the skin reduces.

Every lack of essential element impacts the skin:

- Lack of hyaluronic acid: wrinkles

- Lack of vitamin c: dullness

- Lack of peptides : sagginess

- Lack of ATP (the energy of the skin) signs of aging

- Lack of vitamins : dryness

Pure Shots skincare combats these signs of aging and helps our skin to stay younger-looking for longer.


The saffron pistils from the Ourika Gardens were the first harvested in 2013 to develop and launch the Or Rouge anti-aging skincare range. The luxurious collection of moisturisers, lotions and eye creams now captures 20% more saffron concentrate for the most potent anti-aging formula yet. The eco-design packaging means the cream and serum can be refilled repeatedly to reduce the environmental impact.