Face Serums & Face Oils
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Pure Shots Night Reboot Serum
Rejuvenates Overnight - Moonlight Cactus Flower + 3.4% Glycolic Acid


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Pure Shots Light Up Serum
Illuminating - Brightening - Vitamin Cg + Marshmallow


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Or Rouge Anti-Aging Face Serum
Anti-Aging - Revitalising - Dramatic Skin Resurfacing


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Or Rouge Anti-Aging Face Oil
Anti-Aging - Replenishing Oil - Repairs Skin


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Pure Shots Lines Away Serum
Anti-aging - Smoothing - Iris + Hyaluronic Acid


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Pure Shots Y Shape Serum
Skin Firming - Redefines Contours - Barbary Fig + Peptide


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What Is A Face Serum?


A face serum should be the first step in your skincare routine after cleansing & toning. A lightweight formula that targets specific skin concerns, whilst formulated to effortlessly penetrate into the skin.

Face Serums are available in many different textures and absorb easily, providing a second skin feel.  Ranging from a thin, water-like consistency  – like our star Pure Shots Night Reboot Serum that refines and visibly rejuvenates the skin overnight - to a gel-like formula. Serums can also have a milky texture like our Pure Shots Light Up Serum, which provides instant luminosity to the skin, whilst reducing the appearance of dark spots and discoloration thanks to Vitamin CG. To combat the signs of aging or wrinkles, our Or Rouge Anti-Aging Face Serum provides dramatic skin resurfacing and sublime uniformity for the skin. 


What Is A Face Oil?


A face oil is a type of emollient often made up of plant-based ingredients. Designed to help strengthen the outer layer of skin known as the Stratum Corneum, face oils assist in softening the skin whilst sealing in moisture for a nourishing skin glow.  A great example of this is our luxurious Or Rouge Anti-Aging Face Oil, a multi-use light, non-greasy oil elixir that provides visible skin repair. Made up of beautiful botanicals such as the Pistil of Saffron, which assists in skin renewal & radiance. Use alone or amp up the benefits by using a face oil with a face serum.


Do You Use A Face Serum & Face Oil Together?


To further enhance your all over skin resilience, clarity and appearance, try using both a face serum & face oil in your routine. After cleansing & toning, apply a pearl-sized amount of the serum directly onto the skin using a pressing motion. Follow up with your face oil by adding a small amount to the tips of your fingers and massaging into the skin directly over the top of your serum. Apply your serum first as it has the lightest texture and consistency and absorbs quickly. Following your serum, apply your Face oil. As it has a richer texture, it will create a protective layer over your skin, to assist in retaining moisture and strengthening the skin’s outer layer. Although made up of different components, face serums & face oils both play a vital role when it comes to your skincare routine & skin health. Use them together to intensify your all over results, or separately to target your specific skin concerns & meet your skincare needs.


How Do You Choose A Face Serum?


There are two factors to take into consideration when selecting a face serum. Firstly, it is important to consider the skin concerns you are trying to address, such as aging skin, dull skin, age spots, fine lines, pigmentation, or dry skin. Secondly, you should consider your skin type, for example, if you have dry skin, a hydrating serum is recommended to boost moisture. For oily or acne-prone skin, a face serum that contains a chemical exofliant like salicylic acid will help break down excess skin oils, dead skin cells and dirt that clog pores. 


At YSL Beauty, our high-performance face serums are tested under dermatological control and suitable on all skin types. Browse our wide range of premium face serums today. 


Anti-Aging Serums


Damage and aging at a cellular level has been occuring for years before the signs are visible. However, it is never too late to start using anti-aging serums that contain active antioxidant ingredients to reactivate the natural skin renewal process and reduce signs of aging. Discover our anti-aging serums including Pure Shots Night Reboot Serum and Pure Shots Lines Away Serum for target anti-aging results. Our anti-aging serums are infused with rare natural antioxidants such as the Moonlight Cactus and Morocco Iris to target free radical damage and brighten the complexion. After use, your skin appears regenerated and firmer. For the ultimate skin revitalisation, discover YSL’s Or Rouge Anti-Aging Face Serum infused with saffron concentrate from High Atlas, one of the most luxurious and effective anti-aging formulae in the world. 


Brightening Serums


Factors such as extreme weather, stress and aging can accelerate the build-up of dead skin cells, which makes skin looks flaky, dry, and dull. YSL Beauty’s brightening serums including Pure Shots Light Up Serum and Blanc Pur Couture Concentrate, are formulated with the unique light-up technology to illuminate your skin and reduce dark spots effectively.


Hydrating Serum for Dry Skin


Hydrating serum for dry skin helps to improve skin quality and give your skin a natural glow from the inside out. Discover YSL Beauty’s iconic Or Rouge Anti-Aging Face Oil for dry to very dry skin. 


Firming and Skin Tightening Serum


Dark spots and wrinkles on the face are some of the first signs of aging. Another sign is skin sagging and laxity, which can cause you to look older than you actually are. Sagging skin is caused by the loss of collagen, elastin fibres and hyaluronic acid due to factors such as lifestyle changes, health conditions and natural declines in production over time. YSL Beauty’s supreme Forever Youth Liberator Y-Shape Concentrate contains the unique Glycanactif Y™ complex to replenish critical nutrients for your skin. Your skin will look visibly tighter and firmer when used daily. Infused with firming Peptides and Barbary Fig, Pure Shots Y Shape Serum is the iconic skin tightening serum to redefine face contours and firm and tighten your skin.  


How To Use A Serum In Your Beauty Routine?


Step 1. YSL Beauty recommend double cleansing to ensure your face is as clean as possible and any impurities are removed. An oil-based cleanser (https://www.yslbeauty.com.au/skincare/skincare-by-category/cleansers-toners) should be used to break down oil-based impurities such as makeup and pollutants from the skin. Next a water-based cleanser should be used to clean deeper into pores and remove any remaining impurities. 


Step 2. Use a face toner or a treatment lotion to restore the natural pH level of your skin.


Step 3. Just 2-3 pumps of serum will be sufficient to cover the entire face lightly. Use your fingertips to apply the serum on your face gently. Always apply your chosen serum according to the direction on the label.


Step 4. Wait 3-5 minutes to allow the serum to be fully absorbed into your skin.


Step 5. The final step is to apply a moisturiser - this is key for any skincare routine, as it locks the serum’s active ingredients into your skin and replenishes the natural hydration.