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Discover the L'Homme collection of sophisticated and masculine men's fragrances.

Leave a magnetic, sensual trail with the YSL L’Homme collection of cologne for men. Infused with notes of cedarwood, cardamom and basil, the sophisticated range boasts an array of woody fragrances with a bold yet fresh finish.

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L'Homme Le Parfum L'Homme Le Parfum
Eau De Parfum – Magnetic – Woody Scent


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L'Homme Ultime L'Homme Ultime
Woody - Aromatic - Fresh Damask Rose


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L'Homme Cologne Bleue EDT L'Homme Cologne Bleue EDT
Aquatic Woody - Refreshing - Blood Orange


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L'Homme Deodorant L'Homme Deodorant
Efficient protection all-day long. An alcohol-free formula to guarantee comfort to all types of skin, even the most sensitive.


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L'Homme Scent for Men

Uncover your new luxurious signature scent with the L'Homme men's cologne collection. Designed for the modern man who exudes sheer masculinity, L'Homme combines charisma and magnetism in a collection of rich and audacious woody perfumes in eau de parfum, eau de toilette and men's deodorant, for the ultimate scent immersion.


Woody Perfumes & Colognes

The depth of wooded notes in a perfume or cologne is unmatchable when on the hunt for a masculine fragrance. Allure the senses with L’Homme eau de parfums for a compelling, long-lasting and powerful scent, in Le Parfum for a fresh, fruitful top with a blend of amber wood and cedar, and Ultime for an unexpected unity between aromatic sage and damask rose. 
The playful contrasts between citrus openings and wooded bases follow through to the eau de toilettes, in L'Homme EDT with tantalising ginger and crisp basil building intrigue to the heavier cedar notes, and Cologne Bleue for the aquatic, refreshing blend of citrus, spices and bracing ocean water. 

Men's Perfume Deodorant

Immerse yourself in the L’Homme scent with the men's Deodorant Stick for all-day protection, comfort and softness, to embody the most confident version of you. Radiate timeless elegance with a perfumed deodorant that combines bergamot, cedarwood, ginger and violet leaves for long-lasting freshness.