Discover how YSL is changing the rules in developing beauty products for now and future generations to come.


For several years we have been developing products in a way that limits their impact on the environment at each stage of the lifecycle. This work spans innovative research and sustainable ingredient sourcing, the design and development of product packaging, and the end of the product’s life. This means eco-design with no compromise on YSL Beauty’s quality and luxury standards. Our mission is to reduce the environmental footprint of our product formulas through the sourcing of more raw materials in a responsible, sustainable way that respects biodiversity. We are also working towards optimising packaging, and committing to zero deforestation.


The Ourika Gardens have become a source of inspiration for the creation of makeup, skincare & fragrances. By creating and supporting gardens for growing ingredients, with a space entirely dedicated to botanical research, YSL Beauty has adopted an innovative and socially responsible approach.


It is here that the brand’s scientists identify ingredient benefits to create products with more effective properties while applying more sustainable research methods. In these gardens irises, sage, mint, prickly pear, marigold, walnut trees and verbena all thrive alongside precious saffron.

The unique microclimate, shielded by mountains, dry summers and cold winters provides optimal growing conditions for vegetation. This long-term project, directly inspired by permaculture, brings together all the advantages of virtuous and quality production: plants which grow as the seasons unfold, in a pollution-free soil, according to organic farming methods. From these ideal conditions, plants are prepared to make the best ingredients. Above all, it's the quality of the raw materials that makes quality products.


For all our products, gift sets and wrapping material, we will be favouring reusable, refillable, recyclable or compostable plastic packaging and the substitution of plastic materials with more sustainable alternatives.

Eco-designed packaging means the creams and serums in our Pure Shots and Or Rouge skincare ranges can be refilled repeatedly to reduce the environmental impact.


At the Ourika Gardens, we rely on the knowledge and expertise of local women to work the garden and harvest its plants in the right way. Our mission is to give back to local community in a way that is sustainable, to have a lasting effect on this generation and the next. Since it started in 2015, this community of women has doubled its income thanks to their work in the gardens.